Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Baby (aka Rob Thomas), it's time to come home (aka Cheyenne)

Well, it is much documented on this here blog my love for Rob Thomas and I preface this by saying I still completely HEART Rob Thomas...however...

I was so freaking excited to see MB20 at Cheyenne Frontier Days. Bought and PAID for 8 tiks for me and the crew and it was really going to be the highlight of the summer. And then...this news broke.

MB20 isn't the first band to pull out of Frontier Days (hello Carrie Underwood...at least she practices what she preaches and is also a vegetarian). This typically takes place AFTER committing to a concert, because SURPRISE! It is a rodeo! I mean, do people initially think that a rodeo is a bunch of cows grazing in a field of daisies? And then some group of animal activists shows Rob Thomas a video and POOF he's out. Now, I think we can all agree that the animals in the rodeo would probably prefer to be grazing in that imaginary field of daisies but I take CFD and professional rodeo at their word in their animal treatment standards.

So yes, I'm disappointed. I should have written this blog a few hours ago when I was really worked up and then it would have been really entertaining for you...but I went to tennis instead and got out some aggression (I even broke my racket strings! I'm such a bad *ss!). I'm assuming my pops will blog about it as well and he'll probably do a better job than I. I'm mostly disappointed because all we've heard thus far is some crazy group of activists showed Rob Thomas a video. I hope he did his research...I mean, you're entitled to your opinion and various related social statements...but come on dude, you knew going in it was a rodeo! Why do you have to go and be a typical guy and get my hopes up and then crush them? I thought you were different!

In the future, I don't know what CFD promoters are going to have to do to prevent this from happening...its not like the whole "rodeo" thing is a secret. It's called Frontier Days people...I'm sure when they discuss the "logistics" prior to signing the contract they mention "oh yeah, and you're performing...outdoors...on a stage that we build on dirt...after the rodeo so it might smell like shite..."


Laurie said...

ohhhhhhh no!! crushing blow for sure brea! i hope he will come to his senses and come see you in cheytown!!

Steve Wilson said...

As disappointing as no CFD concert may be, Rob Thomas really did the right thing.

You may "take the rodeo's word" about animal treatment at CFD, but fortunately not everyone is so.....I guess the nice word is trusting.

By refusing to perform at the rodeo and helping to perpetuate this animal abuse is something that should only make you more proud to be a fan of Rob Thomas and Matchbox 20.

Thankfully you don't have to believe the animal rights people, the CFD people, or Matchbox 20. You can see for yourself. At www.ShameOnCheyenne.com they have a bunch of videos detailing the animal's cruel treatment at CFD.


brea said...

Like I said in my post...I'm disappointed that they signed the contract, sold the tickets...and THEN backed out. I appreciate the sentiment behind the act, but think it should have been thought through before they pretty much screwed an event I grew up participating in (and no, not the rodeo...the parades, pancake breakfasts and entertainment tents).

Jolea said...

If RT is soooo morally responsible and so against cruelty to animals WHY does he eat meat? Or wear leather or other products made from DEAD animal by-products? If you're going to pull out of a sold out show based on your "moral principles" you need to really make sure you're adhereing to those principles all 'round. I'm a vegetarian, animal lover and not necessarily a huge rodeo fan, but this stinks of something else to me...possibly a better offer?

Steve Wilson said...

I agree that in a perfect world all musical acts would know how abusive rodeos are and refuse to commit to perform at them beforehand, but that just isn't the case. Like most people they believe the all American front that rodeo folks try to put on the rodeo.

I think an argument could be made that Matchbox 20 believed they would be performing at an event that claims to treat animals well, however; only after being shown that they were misled is when they backed out.